Black Bears in all colors

Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters has exclusive commercial bear hunting rights in an area of over 350 square miles in the Sawtooth Wilderness. As avid outdoorsmen who have grown up hunting and trapping all types and sizes of animals, we are your premier guide for a memorable bear hunt.

Our bear hunting techniques range from baits with tree stand or ground blind to the exciting hound hunt. The bear in our area come in a wide variety of color phases ranging from blond to black. The majority of our bear hunters prefer the spring hunt, but we do take a limited number of hunters during the fall, which can also be combined with Elk and Deer.  The bear population is high and the trophy quality is excellent.

Bear hunts are conducted from a drive-in base camp. Hunters stay in cabins at Sawtooth Lodge in Grandjean, which enables us to be mobile and utilize the entire area as the snow melts.

As far as weapons go, take your pick: bow, rifle, muzzleloader, or handgun.

Bait Hunting

We have several active baits per hunter throughout the entire bear season, and provide tree stands with safety harnesses or ground blinds. Most of our tree stands are set for archery and handgun hunters. During the day we glass the hillsides and tend bait sites. After a hearty early evening meal, the hunter will sit a bait site.

Although most bear are harvested during the evening, we do use trail timers and often sit baits during the morning hours. We also have Karelian bear dogs trained to follow a blood trail which enables us to recover wounded bear that otherwise may not be found.

Spot & Stalk

If you're the kind of hunter who would rather not sit on a bait, we have the option to spot and stalk. This involves covering ground on foot, glassing from strategic vantage points, and stalking located bears. We may also try predator calls.


License and tags are sold over the counter, and we are glad to assist you in purchasing them.

5 Day Bear Hunt Dates & Rates

Spring Dates: April 15th – June 30th
Fall Dates: August 30th – October 31st

Pricing Options


Spot & Stalk


Baited Hunts

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