Mountain Lion and Bobcat

Winter mountain lion hunts are the perfect offseason opportunity for big game hunters. With a hunting season spanning December through March, we are the premier guide for those chasing the extremely elusive mountain lion. Since these cats are seldom seen in the wild, hunting them requires a pack of well trained hounds. Our dogs are the best in the business — we’ve been training hounds for over 40 years. And on top of all that? Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters has exclusive commercial mountain lion hunting rights in an area of more than 350 square miles in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

In order to optimize your time during the hunt, we use 4-wheel drive vehicles and snowmobiles to traverse the terrain, radios for communication, and dog tracking equipment to keep up with the hounds. Occasionally we’ll hire another highly qualified guide to assist in the hunt, so that we can cover more ground and increase our hunter’s chance of success.

Bobcats can be combined with this hunt.


License and tags are sold over the counter, and we are glad to assist you in purchasing them.

7 Day Cat Hunt Dates & Rates

Hunting Dates: December 1st – March 31st

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Mountain Lion & Bobcat


Mountain Lion Hunt

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