Are your hunts guaranteed?

Simple answer: No. The only guarantee is that we always invest 110% of ourselves into your experience.

Complex Answer: There are a lot of factors involved and it's not always cut and dry. At the end of the day, we do everything humanly possible to make your experience a success. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with your experience. There are forces of nature that cannot be controlled. We take every measure to ensure success based upon years and years of expertise and experience. That being said, you'll always get our full attention and best effort — but nothing in life is ever guaranteed.

What's the best rifle for elk hunting?

There are a lot of different opinions on this subject (depending on who you're talking with). These are a few of our top choices for letting the air out of a Rocky Mountain Elk:

300 Winchester Magnum

If you had one tool to take into the wilderness, what would it be?

Your wits. A well-fed, rested and rational brain is the best tool you can have. The Sawtooth Wilderness is a vast and unforgiving landscape. Have a healthy respect and always keep a cool head in the backcountry.

Do I have to worry about cougars?

We talking mountain lion cougars...or the ones that hang out at dive bars?

What's the meaning of all of this?

Spend as much time doing things you enjoy. Hunt. Fish. Get outside. Put your phone down and resist the incessant urge to scroll. You never know when this ride ends. Enjoy the time you have on this rock and take a moment each day to be grateful for every blessing.