Miles & Miles of wilderness to explore

Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains have been called the American Alps for good reason! The beauty of the Sawtooth Wilderness has a variety of ecosystems from the Ponderosa Pine forests of the Payette River to glacial sub-alpine basins that flow into the Salmon and Boise Rivers. The region offers some of America's most spectacular scenery. And with Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters you can explore the beauty by horseback.

Trail Rides (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

We offer Trail Rides out of Grandjean, Idaho. Our gentle mountain horses and experienced guides will escort you through the backcountry on a horseback adventure. Half and Full day rides require a 4 person minimum and begin at 9 am. All trail rides must be accompanied by a guide.

Nature Trail | 1 Hr | 2 Hr Ride

$45 | $100 | $175 per person
Includes tax

Just want to get out on the trail for a quick ride? This is a great way to get a taste of a backcountry horse adventure.

Nature Trail and 1 Hour minimum age (5)

2 Hour minimum age (6)

Half Day Ride

$250 per person
Includes tax

This 4 hour ride takes you into the wilderness where you can encounter the beauty of the Sawtooths.

Half day minimum age (10)

Reservation required.

Full Day Ride

$350 per person
Includes tax

Our most popular package includes an 8 hour ride that immerses you in Idaho’s best backcountry experience.

Full day minimum age (10)

Reservation required.

Hiking with Pack Stock

Using pack stock offers the avid hiker the ability to explore without the burden of a heavy backpack. We will pack your equipment and food while you hike at your leisure to a prearranged camp site. We’ll also tend to the pack stock and transport your gear so it’s ready for you upon arrival. Enjoy the freedom of traveling farther, eating hearty western meals, and having more time to relax and enjoy the wilderness.

Fully Furnished Hiking with Pack Stock

$300 per person/day + tax

We will provide the camping equipment, the food, and the cook. You will provide your personal gear, tent, sleeping pad, and fishing equipment if desired. This trip offers the freedom of hiking on your own with a comfortable camp and hearty western meals waiting for you back at camp.

5 Horse minimum of 4 client horses + guide's horse.

Hiking with Pack Stock Using Your Equipment and Food

$200.00 per horse/day and a $200.00 Guide fee per day + tax

We can either drop your equipment at a prearranged destination of your choice, or your packer will continue on with you for a progressive trip. You will be responsible for your own camp chores and cooking, and your packer will take care of all stock and transporting your gear. On progressive trips the packer will provide his own camping equipment, food, riding horse and will be responsible for his own camp chores. Progressive trips require that the packer has a pack horse in addition to his riding horse.  

Price is based on a 150 pound weight limit per pack horse and an eight hour round trip day. Along with the weight, it is important to remember that the size of your items are a factor on how much you can put on a horse. Try to minimize both the size and weight of all items. Because of the sheer bulk of items and the size of the pack a horse can carry, loads may not always be able to weigh 150 pounds.

5 Horse minimum of 4 client horses + guide's horse.

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